Chapter 43 - AP Biology Chapter 43 Guided Reading 1. Name...

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AP Biology Name __Adeesh Jain __________ Chapter 43 Guided Reading 1. Contrast the four types of leukocytes (white blood cells). Neutrophils—phagocytic cells; 60—70% of all leukocytes; these cells enter infected tissue and destroy microbes in that tissue Monocytes—5% of all leukocytes; provide effective phagocytic defense Eosinophils—consist of 1.5% of all leukocytes; defend against larger parasitic invaders like blood flukes Basophils—.01% of all leukocytes; appear in inflammatory reactions 2. Describe the process of phagocytosis by macrophages. First, monocytes are made and enter tissues and combine to make macrophages. These cells extend pseudopodia that attaches to monosaccharides on a microbe’s surface. The macrophage then indulges the microbe like a lysosome indulging a vacuole. This occurs by two ways: (1) the lysosome produces toxic oxygen to feed the microbe or (2) to simply digest it using lysosomal enzymes. 3. Describe the role of histamine in the inflammatory response. Histamines are signals that are released form the cells of our body in response to a body injury. This plays a role in the inflammatory response as inflammatory response is the treating of damaged tissues. 4. Define the following terms: a. Natural Killer (NK) cells—a type of white blood cell that can kill tumor cells and viruses b. Antigen—a macromolecule that elicits an immune response by binding to receptors of B
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Chapter 43 - AP Biology Chapter 43 Guided Reading 1. Name...

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