Chapter 44 - Adeesh Jain Pace Period 1 AP Biology Chapter...

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Adeesh Jain Pace Period 1 AP Biology Chapter 44 Guided Reading 1. Define the following terms: 1. Osmoregulation—the regulation of solute balance and gain and loss of water 2. Excretion—the process by which animals get rid of nitrogen-containing waste products of metabolism 3. Osmolarity—osmotic pressure 4. Osmoconformer—an animal that does not adjust its internal osmolarity to its surroundings 5. Osmoregulator—an animal that controls its internal osmolarity 2. Describe how saltwater fish deal with osmoregulation. Saltwater fish are hypotonic to the water so they constantly lose water by osmosis and gain salt by diffusion. To balance this, fish take in saltwater through their mouth and dispose of the salt by their gills and skin. This way, the salt coming in enters and leaves quickly and the water intaked balances out the outtake of water. 3. Describe how freshwater fish deal with osmoregulation Freshwater fish are hypertonic to their environment so they gain water and lose salt. To make up for this, the fish excrete large amounts of urine (to lose the gained water) and intake a lot of salt by their gills (to replenish the lost salt). 4. How do birds that drink seawater deal with excess sodium? Birds, instead of excreting the salt form their urine, excrete salt through their nasal glands. These glands being bigger than non-marine birds excrete a liquid
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Chapter 44 - Adeesh Jain Pace Period 1 AP Biology Chapter...

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