Chapter 46 - AP Biology Chapter 46 Guided Reading...

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AP Biology Name__Adeesh Jain ______________ Chapter 46 Guided Reading Assignment 1. Define the following terms: a. Fragmentation—the breaking of the body into several pieces, some or all which turn into adutls b. Regeneration—regrowth of lost body parts c. Parthenogenesis—process in which the egg develops unfertelized d. Hermaphrodite—individual having both male and female reproductive parts 2. Compare and contrast internal and external fertilization. In external fertilization, eggs are shed by the female and fertilized by the male in the environment surrounding the female. In internal fertilization, sperm combine with the egg within the female’s body. 3. Define the term pheromone and explain its uses. Pheromones are chemical signals released by one organism that influence the behavior of other individuals of the same species. Its uses are to attract mates. Pheromones can be related to perfume and cologne, but again pheromones are released by an organism. 4. Compare and contrast the embryos of eutherian mammals and marsupial mammals. Marsupial mammals are born very early and complete their embryonic development while nursing, usually in a marsupium. On the other hand, eutherians have a longer period of pregnancy and young eutherians complete their embryonic development within the uterus and are joined to their mother by the placenta. The mammal is born after embryonic development
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Chapter 46 - AP Biology Chapter 46 Guided Reading...

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