Chapter 49 - AP Biology Chapter 49 Guided Reading...

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AP Biology Name _Adeesh Jain __________________ Chapter 49 Guided Reading Assignment 1. Define the following words: a. Mechanoreceptors—a sensory receptor that detects physical deformations in the body’s environment caused by pressure, touch, stretch, motion, and sound b. Thermoreceptors—sensory receptors responding to either heat of cold; help regulate body temperature c. Chemoreceptors—a receptor that transmits information about the total solute concentration in a solution of about individual kinds of molecules d. Electromagnetic receptors—receptors of electromagnetic energy e. Pain receptors—a category of interoreceptors that detect pain f. Exteroreceptors—sensory receptors that detect stimuli outside the body; like heat, light, pressure, and chemicals g. Interoreceptors—sensory receptors that detect stimuli within the body; such as blood pressure and body position h. Sensory transduction—the conversion of a stimulus signal into an electrical signal by a sensory receptor cell
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Chapter 49 - AP Biology Chapter 49 Guided Reading...

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