316 Thirsty for Water

316 Thirsty for Water - Newbie Thirsty for Water A(A0316 ˇ...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - Thirsty for Water A: (A0316) ˇ oukˇ Wo kˇ e le. I’m thirsty. B: ´ Nˇ y` he chengzh¯ ma? ı ao ¯ ı Do you want some orange juice? A: ˇˇ ¯ Wo xiang he shuˇ. ı I’d like some water. B: `´` Na mei banfa. Then I can’t help you. Key Vocabulary ˇe koukˇ ˇ xiang ¯ he Visit the Online Review and Discussion (text version). thirsty to wish to drink c 2007 Praxis Language Ltd. 1 ´ chengzh¯ ı ` yao ´` mei banfa orange juice to want there Supplementary Vocabulary ` ´ kuangquanshuˇ ı ˇ` kele ˇı xueb` ˇı p´ngguo zh¯ ı ¯ ei kaf¯ mineral water cola Sprite apple juice coffee Visit the Online Review and Discussion (text version). c 2007 Praxis Language Ltd. 2 ...
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