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chinesepod_A0358 - Newbie I’m really full A(A0358 ´ eqi...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - I’m really full! A: (A0358) ´ eqi! ¯ıˇ Duo ch¯ dian, bie k` Eat some more. Don’t be polite! B: ` ˇˇ Xiexie, wo bao le. Thank you, I’m full. A: ` Zai ch¯ y¯dian ma. ııˇ Come on, eat a little more. B: ˇ ˇ ¯ Wo zhende bao le. I really am full. Key Vocabulary ¯ duo ch¯ ı ´ bie Visit the Online Review and Discussion (text version). more to eat don’t c 2007 Praxis Language Ltd. 1 ` keqi ˇ bao ` zai ¯ zhende be polite be full again really Supplementary Vocabulary y¯ wˇ f` ı an an ` weidao ´ eqi bie k` su´bian ch¯ ı` ı ` ch¯buxia ı ¯` zhaodai a bowl of rice flavor Don’t be polite. help yourself not feel like eating to receive guests Visit the Online Review and Discussion (text version). c 2007 Praxis Language Ltd. 2 ...
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