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chinesepod_A0383 - Newbie Noodles without Cilantro A(A0383...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - Noodles without Cilantro A: (A0383) ` Yao ch¯ shenme? ı´ What do you want to eat? B: ` ¯ Y¯ wˇ lamian, b` ao xiangcai. ı an ¯ ` uy` A bowl of noodles, hold the cilantro. A: ¯ u ao? Y¯dian dou b` y` ıˇ You don’t want any? B: ¯ u ao. Du`, y¯dian dou b` y` ııˇ That’s right. I don’t want any. Key Vocabulary ` yao ch¯ ı ´ shenme Visit the Online Review and Discussion (text version). to want to eat what c 2007 Praxis Language Ltd. 1 ˇ wan ¯` lamian (measure word) bowl noodles made by pulling the dough to not want cilantro not at all buy` ` ao ` ¯ xiangcai ¯u y¯dian dou b` ıˇ Supplementary Vocabulary ` la ¯ cong ` suan cu ` ´ tang buch¯ `ı ` fang ¯ jia hot spicy scallion garlic vinegar sugar not to put, add (to food) to add Visit the Online Review and Discussion (text version). c 2007 Praxis Language Ltd. 2 ...
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