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chinesepod_A0458 - Newbie St Patricks Day A(A0458 ` ` ` e `...

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Newbie - St. Patrick’s Day (A0458) A: # y K º P Sh`engp`at`elˇ ık`e ji´e ku`ail`e! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! B: H Sh´enme ji´e? What holiday is that? A: / 1 p Sh` ı ` Aiˇerl´an de ji´er` ı. It’s an Irish holiday. B: b O. Oh. Key Vocabulary # y K sh`engp`at`elˇ ık`e ji´e St. Patrick º P ku`ail`e happy Visit the Online Review and Discussion ( text version ). 1 c 2007 Praxis Language Ltd.
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H sh´enme what 1 p ` Aiˇerl´an
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