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GRE Vocabulary list

GRE Vocabulary list - GRE Vocabulary Print...

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Word Part of Speech Definitions, Other Forms, and Examples aberrant adj. deviating from normal or correct. abscond v. to leave secretly and hide, often to avoid the law. advocate v., n. to speak, plead, or argue for a cause, or in another’s behalf. (n) -- one who advocates. aggrandize v. to make greater, to increase, thus, to exaggerate. amalgamate v. to unite or mix. (n) -- amalgamation. ambiguous adj. vague; subject to more than one interpretation ambrosial adj. extremely pleasing to the senses, divine (as related to the gods) or delicious (n: ambrosia) anachronism n. a person or artifact appearing after its own time or out of chronological order (adj: anachronistic) anomalous adj. peculiar; unique, contrary to the norm (n: anomaly) antediluvian adj. ancient; outmoded; (literally,before the flood) antipathy n. hostility toward, objection, or aversion to arbitrate v. to settle a dispute by impulse (n: arbitration) assuage v. to make less severe; to appease or satisfy attenuate v. weaken (adj: attenuated) audacious adj. extremely bold; fearless, especially said of human behavior (n: audacity) aver v. to declare banal adj. commonplace or trite (n: banality) barefaced adj. unconcealed, shameless, or brazen blandishment n. speech or action intended to coax someone into doing something bombast n. pompous speech (adj: bombastic) breach n., v. a lapse, gap or break, as in a fortress wall. To break or break through.ex: Unfortunately, the club members never forgot his breach of ettiquette. burgeon v., n. to grow or flourish; a bud or new growth (adj: burgeoning ) buttress v., n. to support. a support cadge v. to get something by taking advantage of someone caprice n. impulse (adj: capricious) castigate v. to chastise or criticize severely catalyst n. an agent of change (adj: catalytic; v. catalyze) caustic adj. capable of dissolving by chemical action; highly critical: "His caustic remarks spoiled the mood of the party." chicanery n. deception by trickery complaisant adj. willingly compliant or accepting of the status quo (n: complaisance) conflagration n. a great fire corporeal adj. of or having to do with material, as opposed to spiritual; tangible. (In older writings, coeporeal could be a synonym for corporal . This usage is no longer common) corporal adj. of the body: "corporal punishment." a non-commissioned officer ranked between a sergeant and a private. corroborate v. to strengthen or support: "The witness corroborted his story." (n: corroboration) craven adj., n. cowardly; a coward GRE Vocabulary Print https://www.msu.edu/~defores1/gre/vocab/gre_vocab_tab.htm 1 of 6 10/12/08 3:02 PM
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culpable adj. deserving of blame (n: culpability) dearth n. lack, scarcity: "The prosecutor complained about the dearth of concrete evidence against the suspect." deference n. submission or courteous yielding: "He held his tongue in deference to his father." (n: deferential. v. defer) depict v. to show, create a picture of. deprecation
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GRE Vocabulary list - GRE Vocabulary Print...

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