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ChE 253K -- Applied Statistics -- Homework #2 Due Monday, February 9 at Lecture 1. Summary Stats in Lecture04 ( 4+1 Points. Scored for accuracy.) Using the SOx data from Lecture03, please calculate summary stats. (a) Centers: Mean, 1 point median and mode (b) Percentiles: 10th, 25th, 67th, 75th, 99th (c) Spreads: Range, mean deviation, 1 point standard deviation , inter-quartile range (d) Precision as
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Unformatted text preview: 1 point Relative standard deviation (e) 1 point 90% and 99% confidence limits of the mean Please see the uploaded spreadsheets for answers: ChE253K Spring09 HW02 Solutions (25 Points).3.xls ChE253K Spring09 HW02 Solutions (80 Points).3.xls 2. Open-Ended 1-D Data Analysis -- Team Exercise Beginning Next Lecture ( 25 Points. Scored for sound thinking.) Total: 30 Points...
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