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ChE253K Spring09 HW07 Problems.1

ChE253K Spring09 HW07 Problems.1 - 3 For a random variable...

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Name: _________________________ (Please use this as cover sheet to your homework.) ChE 253K -- Applied Statistics -- Homework 07 Due Friday, March 27 at CPE 1.420, or earlier Standard Normal Distribution 1. Text Problem 5.22 2. Text Problem 5.19 (e) between –1.20 and –1.75 (f) between –1.20 and +1.50 (g) How would you solve Part (e) if you only had the second half of Table 3, i.e., the standard normal distribution table for positive values of the variable? What property of the distribution curve would you exploit?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. For a random variable having the standard normal distribution, please find the range of its values that occupy the following proportions of the distribution. Note: This problem is the mirror image of Problem 2. For example, the range Z = 2.33 to ∞ corresponds to the probabilities 99% and higher, or the top 1% of the distribution. (a) Top 10% of the distribution (b) Bottom 10% of the distribution (c) The 50% of the distribution between the 1st and 3rd Quartiles....
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