Agnieszka Wynar and Amy Sedlack

Agnieszka Wynar and Amy Sedlack - Agnieszka Wynar and Amy...

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Agnieszka Wynar and Amy Sedlack Mrs. Mancini AP English Literature and Composition 22 December 2008 Hamlet -Group Close Reading Hamlet’s soliloquies 1. Up until this point, Hamlet’s sanity varied, however, remained uncertain. Now his actions are turning more towards insanity but some may interpret it completely differently. In my opinion he shows more insanity than usual, after hearing the reasons behind the fight that was to happen over a small piece of land in Poland, he reasons that he should be viler and decisive. He decides that his thoughts are now to be vile or they are worthless; “My thoughts be bloody or be nothing worth!” line 69. Some may interpret this differently; as though he is really coming to his senses by finally deciding what to do and following his brains not his heart. 2. In this soliloquy, Hamlet is not talking to anyone directly; he is simply thinking out loud. However, the tone of the soliloquy isn’t meant to put people on the defensive but simply to make them think. He isn’t trying to make anyone puzzled; if anything, he’s trying to work through his own confused feelings and thoughts. He is sorting out his feelings from his thoughts. Being lost he turns to outside sources for help and mocks the Fortinbras thoughts and makes them his own. His musings at first seem to help his state of well-being, but towards the end as he begins to draw conclusions, Hamlet realizes that the only thing holding
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Agnieszka Wynar and Amy Sedlack - Agnieszka Wynar and Amy...

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