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hamlet act 5 questions

hamlet act 5 questions - Wyna r 1 Agnieszka Wynar M rs...

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Wyna r 1 Agnieszka Wynar Mrs. Mancini AP Literature and Composition 6 January 2009 Hamlet Act V Act V Scene I 1. What is the significance of the various skulls the gravedigger digs up during the scene? How do they contribute to the evolution of Hamlet’s understanding of death? The significance of various sculls the gravedigger digs up is that they helped Hamlet further understand death and how it cannot be prevented. Hamlet becomes to think more deeply about death, primarily when he picks up the skull which belonged to Yorick who he knew as a child. It elicits his emotions and makes him realize that everybody someday will turn to dust. Not only Ophelia, Polonius, his father but everyone around him. Even the greatest and most successful men in the society like Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar will become nothing but dust in the end, no matter what successes they accomplish during their life on earth. 2. How does the entrance of Ophelia’s funeral procession continue this evolution?
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Wyna r 2 Hamlet realizes the absoluteness of death; the fact that, in essence, it effectively ends any possibilities that may have occurred further in life. After Laertes gets angry with the priest for giving Ophelia a proper Christian burial Hamlet’s feelings for Ophelia emerge. He understands that life is finite, and so is unable to hold back his emotions, by proxy revealing his true thoughts to the audience. 3. What does Laertes and Hamlet’s fight in Ophelia’s grave foreshadow? It shows the increase in hostility in the relationship between Laertes and Hamlet. When Hamlet disagrees with Laertes opinion about the burial of Ophelia, he bursts out into madness and says that he would do anything for Ophelia unlike Laetres. Then they get into a fight but are pulled apart. Hamlet then walks away with Horatio. The king reminds Laertes of the plan to kill Hamlet. This fight foreshadows death and more conflict. Someone is going to die and the only question is who.
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