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Agnieszka Wynar Mrs. Mancini AP Literature and Composition 7 January 2009 Hamlet OPEN-ENDED QUESTIONS #1 Hamlet’s madness is used to turn on the whole plot of the play and create confusion of Hamlet’s enemy. Hamlet claims to be faking madness; however, thought the play his sanity varies. At some point the reader might be confused whether the fake madness is developed into a real one. Hamlet shows more insanity than usual in the soliloquy in act 4. After hearing the reasons behind the fight that was to happen over a small piece of land in Poland, he reasons that he should be viler and more decisive. But he still claims to be just faking it in order to confuse his enemy. It raises questions and suspense in the whole play. #2 When passion and responsibility contradict themselves they always cause problems and pain. In Hamlet, that classic war of passion and responsibility occurs. When Polonius and the king set up a trap for Hamlet to prove that his madness is due to love for Ophelia he has to deny her love in order to fulfill his responsibility of revenge. It brings him pain later when she dies. He regrets not showing her his love and following his father’s demand. It brings a dramatic effect to the work.
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#3 In Hamlet the main character; Hamlet goes through a tremendous journey in which he discovers what death really is. In the end he realizes that it is inevitable, however, at the beginning Hamlet did not think much of death. When he accidently killed Polonius, he did not feel sorrow or wrongdoing. Hamlet just blamed it on Polonius and called him an old curious fool that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. As the play goes on and it comes to Ophelia’s funeral; somebody dear to him, he begins to look deeper into his emotions. He understands that he is incapable of
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hamlet open ended - Agnieszka Wynar M rs Mancini AP Li...

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