hamlet soliloquy presentation

hamlet soliloquy presentation - 5 Was the open-ended...

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Hamlet Soliloquy Presentation Soliloquy: ______________________ Pages and line ______________ Names: ________________________________________ Worth – 5o points Grade ______ Rubric for Soliloquy Presentation 1. Was each student provided a hard copy of the scene with line markings at intervals of 5? 2. Did presenter(s) set up the scene leading up to the soliloquy in Reader’s Theatre style with an appropriate prop for the scene? 3. Were students (including presenters) assigned different lines to read? 4. Were all “Ideas to Consider” questions addressed?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Was the open-ended question thought-provoking? 6. Did presenters respond to the questions below at considerable depth and by referring to the text whenever possible? Questions 1. What does his soliloquy reveal about his state of mind? 2. In what way does he use language as a survival tool? 3. Does his language reassure him or contribute to his suffering? 4. Comment on the pattern of his soliloquy. 5. What images does he fix upon to express his inner turmoil? 6. Diction: What does his language reveal to us about his state of mind, maturity, intelligence, and emotional sensitivity?? Comments:...
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hamlet soliloquy presentation - 5 Was the open-ended...

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