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Inferno Questions - Agnieszka Wynar Agnieszka Wynar M rs....

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Agnieszka Wynar 1 Agnieszka Wynar Mrs. Mancini AP Literature and Composition 14 October 2008 Inferno Questions 1. In line 76 “feeding makes her hungrier” implies that the she-wolf is greedy and nothing can satisfy her needs. It’s paradoxical that when she eats she wants more. 2. Woods usually are big and easy to get lost in. I know from experience, I’ve got lost in the woods more than once. The fear that comes is a horrifying experience. The woods symbolize confusion and darkness of hell. 3. In lines 99-100 Virgil mentions the emperor and his city. The emperor he is referring to is Dis and his city is hell. 4. He feels lost and confused. While thinking about his past experiences the fear comes back. He finds it hard to begin telling his story. Dante is
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Agnieszka Wynar 2 terrified to enter the gates of hell. He, however; also recalls the good he found there. 5. The lines 13-15 is a key passage because it introduces and discusses the souls Dante will meet in hell (later in the passage). 6. “The swoop from the bank” and “Adam’s evil seed” are compared to the fight of the trained falcon across “the dark water”. 7. In line 105 “Souls who are good …” Virgil implies that Dante’s soul is pure and does not belong in hell. 8. a. Charon seems like a mad old man. He is not very friendly or and his behavior is far from jovial. His character perfectly fits his job description. b. Charon complains about Dante’s presence because Dante does not belong there with the dead souls since he is still alive. Charon was never ordered to let a living soul on his boat and is not very happy to do so. c. In lines 93-96, the souls at the river are compared to leaves falling from a
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Inferno Questions - Agnieszka Wynar Agnieszka Wynar M rs....

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