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Names - a love b violent winds c rough moments d passion e...

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Names: Johnattan Llanos and Agnieszka Wynar “The Sick Rose”- William Blake Multiple Choice 1. What does the worm represent? a. The hidden source of the destruction of love b. Unprecedented death c. Ominous fortune d. B and C e. Filth 2. In line 6, “crimson joy” connotes 3. The word “storm” in line 4, best represents
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Unformatted text preview: a. love b. violent winds c. rough moments d. passion e. hatred 4. What does the “bed” refer to? a. lovers bed b. natural flowerbed c. children’s bed d. A and B e. all of the above 5. What kind of rhythm does the poem have? a. monotone b. ominous c. jovial d. remorse e. B and D...
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