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Poetry essays - bullet notes

Poetry essays - bullet notes - • Provide more background...

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Agnieszka Wynar Mrs. Mancini AP Literature and Composition 7 December 2008 Bullet notes POETRY ESSAYS Intro Title and the name of the poet should be stated in all poetry essays. Thesis should be supported with background info. List the supporting ideas before or after the thesis. Body Explain each sub-point in a paragraph. Order of importance works best in these essays. Conclusion Make sure to restate the main point. Tie all the ideas together. Explain how your essay supports your thesis. When analyzing poetry look for details about the author, title, genre, form, subject, theme or thesis, sensory images, figurative language, sound devices, opposition and style. Suggestions for sample essay
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Unformatted text preview: • Provide more background on the author • The title can tell A LOT – try to evaluate it further • Aabbccdd rhyme is called a quatrain. • It’s easy to define the rhyme and the structure of the poem but you have to relate it to the question = it gives the poem a musical aspect • Love is an emotion = should mention that to add strength to your answer • Strong images are used to underline the poet’s emotions. • Repetition is used to make the reader acknowledge the speakers love for the Highlands. • To make the essay more interesting: cite lines, use quotes, use “fancy” vocabulary, tie back to outside sources like other poems and written works....
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Poetry essays - bullet notes - • Provide more background...

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