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Elizabeth Page + paragraph reference One key quote per 5 chapters One insightful comment pertaining to the quote Pg. 8 ph. 7 Ch.3 “She is tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me.” -Darcy Darcy is a snob. Even though Elizabeth is pretty he won’t dance with her because of her social class and bank account. Pg. 21 ph. 4 Ch.6 “Indeed, Sir, I have not the least intention of dancing” - Elizabeth She is very stubborn. Darcy is beginning to like her but the insults he has said before stay with Elizabeth for a while. Pg. 49 ph. 5 Ch.11 “And your defect is a propensity to hate everybody”- Elizabeth She is very judgmental and does not really look for evidence to her judgment. Pg.68 ph. 5 Ch.16 ”This is quite shocking!—He deserves to be publicly disgraced.” - Elizabeth Elizabeth is very naïve and gets deluded by Mr. Wickham. She believes his story about Darcy and begins to dislike him even more. Pg. 88 ph.2 Ch.18 “To Elizabeth it appeared that had her family made an agreement to expose themselves as much as they could during the evening.” Elizabeth seems to be the only sane one out of the family. She does not want to impress anybody with her wealth and social status like her mother does. Pg.124 ph. 1 Ch. 26 “He shall not be in love with me, if I can prevent it.” Elizabeth is way too confident about her emotions and feelings, she believes she can control them and not fall in love with who is wrong for her social class. Pg. 161 ph. 5 Ch. 34 “Elizabeth’s astonishment was beyond expression.” I believe that Elizabeth is afraid of commitment. Whenever somebody asks her to marry she refuses. Or maybe its because she has no confidence in herself. When Darcy tells her he loves
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pride reading log - CHARACTER Page paragraph reference Pg 8...

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