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research paper - Wyna r Agnieszka Wynar Mrs. Mancini AP Lit...

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Wyna r 1 Agnieszka Wynar Mrs. Mancini AP Lit April 27, 2009 “The Stranger” Meursault's actions are the only real things in his life; everything else is relative and meaningless. In the book, The Stranger , by Albert Camus, the author presents a character that is very passive about his life. The protagonist; Meursault, does not care about anything around him because he does not think any of it has any sort of meaning. In Chapter 4, Marie, the protagonist’s girlfriend asks him a major question about their relationship. His comment on it is quite shallow: “A minute later she asked me if I loved her. I told her it didn't mean anything but that I didn't think so.” His answer shows emotional indifference and detachment but is very honest. He doesn’t try to lie to her which is a great trait in a person. However, his blunt answers are not tactful and indicate that he does not understand the emotional value in Marie's question. His honesty turns into ignorance at this point. Meursault's assertion that love “didn't mean anything,” gives a supportive notion to the central idea Meursault later comes to understand: the meaninglessness of human life. Camus is often associated with existentialism , but he refused to be labeled as such. Existentialism is a nineteenth-century philosophical movement trying to explain the meaning of human existence (Crowell). He devoted his life to combat the philosophy of nihilism while still
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research paper - Wyna r Agnieszka Wynar Mrs. Mancini AP Lit...

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