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Wynar 1 AgnieszkaWynar Mrs. Mancini AP Literature and Composition 27 April 2009 Nihilism – way of life? The Stranger is one of the most inspirational pieces of literature ever written. Albert Camus, the author, paints a dark picture of how one man goes through life by refusing to appreciate any sort of emotion; an existential nihilist. Contrary to Camus’s own beliefs, the goal of the book, as interpreted this way, is to show the reader how empty and shallow life can be if he or she chooses this way of thinking, much as Mersault, the main character, did. By simply showing what nihilism really is, through the example of a common man, Camus attempts to help the reader question whether such a methodology is really the best way to go about life. Camus is often associated with existentialism , but he refused to be labeled as such. Existentialism is a nineteenth-century philosophical movement trying to explain the meaning of human existence (Crowell par. 2). He devoted his literary life to opposing the philosophy of nihilism while still concentrating his work on individual freedom (Albert). Although Camus was denounced being an existential nihilist, he wrote The Stranger based on that exact concept. In a way, he uses reverse psychology in order to demonstrate his point that life does indeed have some kind of purpose, and that it's not just meaningless passage of time that for all ends the same; with death. The Stranger contains some very blunt and bleak views on life and concludes that all of our accomplishments mean absolutely nothing in the end. Camus indicates that wealth and
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Wynar 2 success are unlikely to happen, in order to illustrate the nihilistic perspective. Camus may believe in existentialism, and even if he may not, the book is written in such a fashion that it betrays the notion that Camus could, in fact, have been a nihilist. He creates the character of Mersault in order to translate his antagonism towards the practicality of nihilist thinking by trying to connect with the common man at that time. Meursault's actions are the only real things in his life; everything else is relative
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research ppr final - Wynar 1 AgnieszkaWynar Mrs Mancini AP...

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