self evaluation Inferno timed essay

self evaluation Inferno timed essay - asked B What to work...

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Agnieszka Wynar Mrs. Mancini AP Literature and Composition 5 October 2008 Writing Self-Evaluation 3 Writing Assignment: Inferno timed essay Grade: 5+ A. Comment on Content Mrs. Mancini’s comments: Do not teach the reader, he already knows what he’s asking. I should start my essay with a more specific idea that answers the question and not explains it. I should clarify my ideas and not summarize everything for my conclusion because that is not on an AP level. Self Evaluation: I believe I have answered the question best I could in such a short period of time. I should, however, concentrate on one aspect and elaborate on it with more detail and clear facts. When I begin trying to put more ideas into the essay I get confused with my point and my conclusion doesn’t fully answer the question initially
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Unformatted text preview: asked. B. What to work on: I have to work on spelling and grammar. Also I should watch out not to repeat my ideas over and over because the reader will get bored after a while. In essence I could organize this essay better. C. Comment on writing techniques Mrs. Mancinis comments: spelling, grammar Self Evaluation: I should read over my essay after Im done to find my spelling mistakes. What to work on: Grammar! Spelling! Maybe reading less advanced books will help me see my mistakes. Spelling corrections: Essance essence Believes beliefs Acctions actions Grammar + other corrections: Revise: gets the reader to understand the sin of lust clarifies the idea of the sin of lust Use a different word: exploits creates...
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self evaluation Inferno timed essay - asked B What to work...

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