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sexy poem - Wyna r 1 Agnieszka Wynar M rs Mancini AP Li...

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Wyna r 1 Agnieszka Wynar Mrs. Mancini AP Literature and Composition 15 January 2009 Poetry exercise The Naked and the Nude 1 – 2) Lexicographers – writers of dictionaries People who work with language Deficiencies – the state of needing something that is lacking Something that is missing or absent Construed – interpreted, or understood How one understands something Hippocratic – of or relating to Hippocrates Dishabille – state of being carelessly or partially dressed Lacking clothing Rhetoric – language used to please Gorgons – three winged sister monsters having snakes for hair (Greek mythology) Abstract tone Ablaze – keenly excited Fiery Sly – marked by skill in deception Tricky Draping – masking or covering with cloth To cover something up using clothing Grin – to smile Smile
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Wyna r 2 Pastures – field covered in grass or herbage Large fields of beautiful little pretty flowers <3 Pursued – to chase after something To change someone or something Reproach – mild rebuke or criticism A retort or argument Bold – daring, brave Courageous Briary – having or covered with protective barbs or quills Spiky or barbed (like barbed wire!) Tone – seductive, The poem disguises the world’s extremes using synonyms that are applied in abstract meanings of good and evil Purpose – the author compares the differences between the two extremes in the world: that is, between such things as feeling and science, good and evil, etc; and how those two sometimes intertwine
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