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the tyger - Name Johnattan Llanos and Agnieszka Wynar The...

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Name: Johnattan Llanos and Agnieszka Wynar The Tyger: TPS-FASST Title: Why tyger not tiger? It is not a spelling error. "Tyger is an archaic spelling of tiger, which is still retained as the name of various things named after the animal." It is also spelled that way to keep the rhythm of the poem. Paraphrase: The poem begins with a question of who created the tyger. Then in the following stanzas the speakers continues to question his creation. The speaker wonders why once the horrible dangerous heart of the tiger began to beat the creator did not back out. He thinks that he created evil. He compares the creator to a blacksmith and wonders how the creator felt when he was done? "Did he smile his work to see?" Could this possibly be the same being who made the lamb? Speaker: The speaker of this poem is quite unclear as it could be anyone or William Blake himself. The speaker is a smart person who is wondering about life and its creation.
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