Attitudes toward food - research project

Attitudes toward food - research project - BIOL103...

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BIOL103 Assignment 3c Attitudes Toward Food Research Project Genise Caruso 11/11/07 If you take time to think about it, there's no doubt people eat for reasons other than hunger. If this weren't true, the world would be filled with people of normal weight, and obesity simply wouldn't exist. Then what is it that makes us a culture so obsessed and preoccupied with what we shove in our mouths? The reasons are as complicated as they are numerous. Food is something we need to survive, just as we need water to drink and air to breathe. Yet, we have turned eating into one of the most excessive and all-encompassing activities; above and beyond all else. Eating isn't just taking in required nourishment, we have turned it into an event that is given more thought and consideration than probably anything else we do. 24 hours a day, our lives are bombarded by anything and everything related to food and eating. Commercials on TV advertise foods, restaurants or some other “eating experience.” Grocery stores have gone from selling the basic, common food items, to offer gourmet items, fully-cooked, ready-to-eat meals, organic and natural produce, fresh baked goods, high-end seafood items, salad bars, and let's not forget the fine wines and liquors. Shopping has taken on a whole new meaning, and become very expensive. Have you ever considered or counted how many restaurants and fast-food establishments you pass by in a single day? I live in a rather small town, with a population of approximately 10,000. Yet, sitting here, off the top of my head, I count 11 fast-food places, and at least another 10 sit down restaurants – and they're building more! We are preoccupied with eating. It's the number one activity we do; go out to eat. We plan parties around food; birthdays, weddings, graduations, holidays, baby/bridal showers, anniversaries; heck, even funerals are another excuse for a food feast! Business is done over lunch or dinner, and dating should just be called eating, as this is probably the most common place we go. We can't even watch a movie, without stuffing a box of popcorn and candy into our mouths. Let's face it, pretty much everything we do and every place we go involves food and eating of some kind. In the 1980s there was The Frugal Gourmet, and The French Chef on TV. Now there are entire cable channels devoted to nothing other than food, and cooking shows feature every cuisine from here to Timbuktu. Then there are a bunch of them who do nothing other than roam from city to city, visiting restaurants, eating exotic dishes,
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Attitudes toward food - research project - BIOL103...

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