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Unformatted text preview: Gas chromatography (GC) is a vital tool for forensic scientists as it is a method of identifying the components of unknown substances, by chemical analysis. By heating and vaporizing the sample, it enters a column flowing with carrier gas until it reaches a detector. Since different compounds move at different speeds, they separate and reach the detector at different times. The results are then printed out on a graph that represents a percentage of each compound found. GC is usually used in conjunction with mass spectroscopy, (MS) which further separates the compound, using a beam of high-energy electrons, to determine its chemical fingerprint. GC/MS is also used in areas besides forensics, including environmental monitoring and cleanup, security, food, beverage, perfume, medicine, pharmaceutical, military and more. Due to our world’s rapid technical advancements, ecommerce and public demand for “more and better,”...
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