lesson 1 - Exercise: 1. Mac OS X Snow Leopard(by Apple...

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Exercise: 1. Mac OS X Snow Leopard(by Apple Inc.) Used on personal computers. Solaris(by Sun Microsystems) Used on Systems manufactured by all major server vendors Ubuntu(sponsored by Canonical Ltd., owned by Mark Shuttleworth) Linux based personal computer OS Windows XPe(by Microsoft) Windows XP Embedded for portable device's and consumer electronics Windows 7(by Microsoft) for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, laptops, net-books, tablet PCs, and media center PCs 3. Hardware and Operating software go hand in hand during their evolutionary changes. As the hardware is developed, third party programs are required to run them. Changes are made to the operating Systems for the next release to support said hardware. Or patched into the current OS. As more and more OS's use new technology, such as 64 bit processing, the price of 64 bit hardware is decreased, allowing more consumers to use it. Also, as software becomes more and more complex over time, hardware manufacturer's are forced to continue to push the limits, to keep up with the required amounts of information being processed. 5. Interactive systems are used when user input is needed. They are significantly quicker than Batch systems, but slower than Real-time systems. Batch systems rely on punch cards or tape for input. Their efficiency is measured in throughput. Real-time systems are used when time is the critical factor. Reliability and data
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lesson 1 - Exercise: 1. Mac OS X Snow Leopard(by Apple...

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