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Preview #02 (Chem113A W’10, due Wed. 01/06/10 at 12:05pm in class) Assigned reading: Engel 1.1--1.4 Attendance record : I am [ ] present at or [ ] absent from this class meeting (see date and time above). Name: ________________________ Forming study groups is permissible, but you must construct your solutions independently. By writing down my name, I confirm that I strictly obey the academic ethic code when doing this preview and my statement on attendance (above) is
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Unformatted text preview: correct. Please write down the names of everyone who you worked with on this preview in the space above. [1] Photoelectric effect. It’s critical to show calculation details. [Hint: Fit photoelectric effect equation to the above experimental data by linear regression to get the slope (Planck’s constant h) and the intercept (- , negative of the work function). As a convention in literature table, K.E.*10 19 =4.49. Therefore, KE is 4.49*10-19 .]...
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