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MasteringChemistry_Student_Fall 2009_CHE107

MasteringChemistry_Student_Fall 2009_CHE107 - Dear Student...

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Dear Student: In this course you will be using MasteringChemistry™, an online tutorial and homework companion to your textbook. I. First Time Access: What You Will Need 3 Your UBIT email address 3 Your UB Person No. 3 A student access code (Comes in the Student Access Kit packaged with your new textbook. Otherwise, you can purchase access online at www.masteringchemistry.com .) 3 The zip code for your school: 14260 3 The Course ID : CHE107F2009 II. Next Step Go to www.masteringchemistry.com . If asked to identify your text, select the title and edition of your course textbook. Click Register to sign on to MasteringChemistry with your student access code. ( Don’t have a new access code? You can purchase access by clicking Buy Now. Your purchase path will differ slightly from the registration instructions that follow.) Agree to the License Agreement and Privacy Policy by clicking the checkboxes. If you are a new user, leave “
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