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Media cases Rupert Murdoch: Aus A defining moment in Murdoch's life was the Stuart case in Adelaide when The News began a campaign to free Max Stuart , a young Aboriginal carnival worker, who had been convicted of the murder of a small girl on a beach near Ceduna, South Australia in late 1958. Stuart had been sentenced to death by hanging . The News was openly critical of the case and investigated it extensively. The death penalty was eventually commuted to life imprisonment . Us Murdoch's publications worldwide tend to adopt conservative views. During the buildup to the 2003 invasion of Iraq , all 175 Murdoch-owned newspapers worldwide editorialized in favor of the war. On May 8 , 2006 , the Financial Times [1] reported that Murdoch would be hosting a fundraiser for Senator Hillary Clinton 's (D-New York) Senate reelection campaign. Murdoch's New York Post newspaper opposed Clinton's Senate run in 2000. Aus Murdoch found a political ally in John McEwen, leader of the Australian Country
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Unformatted text preview: Party and governing in coalition with the larger Menzies-Holt Liberal Party. From the very first issue of The Australian Murdoch began taking McEwen's side in every issue that divided the long-serving coalition partners. (The Australian, July 15, 1964, first edition front page: “Strain in Cabinet, Liberal-CP row flares.”) It was an issue that threatened to split the coalition government and open the way for the stronger Australian Labor Party to dominate Australian politics. It was the beginning of a long campaign that served McEwen well. [16] McEwen repaid Murdoch's support later by aiding him to buy his valuable rural property Cavan and then arranged a clever subterfuge by which Murdoch was able to transfer a large sum of money from Australia to England to complete the purchase of The News of the World without obtaining the required authority from the Australian Treasury....
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