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Please read Auden’s poem, The Shield of Achilles. How does he interpret the shield? What is the relationship between what Thetis expects and what Hephaestus makes? What does he think of Achilles? For books and books of the Iliad, Homer has been describing the brutality and awfulness of war. Scenes of corpses and blood is much of the imagery being laid out by Homer. He is basically saying “this is what war does,” and lets the reader decide if that price is worth it. However, when Hephaestus makes a new shield for Achilles, the reader gets a change of pace when Homer describes the beauty of his new shield in great detail. His soft and descriptive writing juxtaposes the war-filled pages that the reader is used to seeing. Homer probably intended his readers to interpret his sudden change of pace so that they could be reminded of what life would be like with out war. Reading about a war that has been going on for nine years, it might be tough to remember about the beauty of life. Homer describes
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