exam1 - EECE 230 Final Exam Section 5 ELEG 025 - 4 Lab...

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Open Book: 2 Hours January, 13 2003 Name: _________________________ ID: __________________________ Solve Three out of the Following Four Problems 1. Develop a class Polynomial which should contain as member variables an array of coefficients. The value of an array element would represent the coefficient and the index would represent the corresponding exponent. For example, to represent term 3 x 2 in a polynomial the value 3 would enter at index 2 of the array. Consider that the highest polynomial order is 20. Develop constructors for the class and a utility function that will evaluate the value of a polynomial of x for a given x . Test the class using simple first and second order polynomials. Provide the following overloaded operator capabilities: a) Overload the addition operator ( + ) to add two polynomials b) Overload the subtraction operator ( ) to subtract two polynomials c) Overload the assignment operator ( = ) to assign one polynomial to another d) Overload the multiplication operator ( * ) to multiply two polynomials. e) Overload the insertion (<<) operator to print the form of a polynomial, for example as: 3x2 – 2x + 1 2. Write a program that inputs a numeric check amount and write the word equivalent of it.
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exam1 - EECE 230 Final Exam Section 5 ELEG 025 - 4 Lab...

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