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S. Karaki American University of Beirut November 5, 2004 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering EECE 230 - Section 3: Quiz # 1 (Duration 2 Hours) Purpose: To test your ability to develop programs using simple input-output, control structures and functions. 1. Write and test two integer functions, one to convert from degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit and a second function to convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius. Use these functions to write a program that prompts the user to enter a temperature preceded by a letter ‘F’ or ‘C’ and print the equivalent temperature in the other scale. When the letter entered is ‘X’ the program should be terminated. A typical input-output exchange with the user would be as follows: Computer: Enter a Fahrenheit or Celsius Temperature (X to stop): User: F 75 Computer: This is equivalent to 24 C User: C 27 Computer: This is equivalent to 81 F User: X The conversion formula from Fahrenheit ( F ) to Celsius ( C ) is: C = ( F – 32) × 5/ 9 2.
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