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S. Karaki American University of Beirut March 20, 2003 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering EECE 230 - Section 3: Quiz # 1 (Duration 2 Hours) Purpose: To test you ability in writing programs to solve simple problems using repetition and selection structures. 1. Write a program that reads a time period given in seconds (integer) and calculates and prints the corresponding number of hours, minutes, and seconds. Assume the number of seconds entered ranges from 0 sec to 1day. 2. In many countries, car license plates contain a combination of letters and digits. Consider a country where license plates have 2 letters and 4 digits, e.g., AV 3469. The plates are usually allocated in sequence starting with AA 0000, AA 0001 … AA 9999, AB 0000, AB 0001, until ZZ 9999. Write a program that reads one license plate number as input (two characters and an integer) and outputs the contents of the next plate to be allocated. Note that the ASCII code of letter A is 65 and that of Z is 65+25. 3.
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