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CIVILIZATION SEQUENCE 201 FINAL EXAMINATION Time: 2 hours January 2006 Dr. Nassar PART ONE: QUOTATIONS (30%) The Aeneid . (1) Explore the ideas in the quotation. (2) Link one of those ideas to an idea that you have come across in Lucretius: The noise of the fires was growing louder and louder through the city and the tide of my shoulders. Your weight will be nothing to me. Whatever may come, danger or safety, it will be the same for both of us. Young Iulus can walk by my side and my wife
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Unformatted text preview: and the ancestral gods of our home. I am fresh from all the fighting and the killing and it PART TWO: ESSAY (70%) Write a complete, well-developed and well-organized essay on the following topic: *Epicureanism and stoicism are opposed on the issue of happiness. Explore their positions in depth, referring also to at least one other writer you read this semester who spoke of happiness. Give your own opinion as well, justifying it with rational arguments....
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