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American University of Beirut Jan. 26, 2006 Dr. Atif Faddul Time: 2 hours CVSP 201 Final Examination Answer two of the following questions in well-developed, organized essays. Support your arguments by referring to the works discussed. 1. Republic . How does he define it in both the state and the individua l? Give two examples of individuals who fulfill or do not 2. What is the highest type of happiness to Lucretius and Aristotle? Compare/Contrast their views concerning the conditions for a happy life. What is
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Unformatted text preview: your definition of happiness? 3. Women were marginalized in different periods of human history. To what extent is this true of the role and status of women in two of the books that we read? Provide examples and illustrations. 4. Discuss how the themes and issues raised in two of the books that we read influenced your attitude towards life. Provide also an overall evaluation of the course and its relevance to your personal experiences....
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