Exam3-Fall2007-08-Wrisley - STUDENT ID # _ TIME IN _ TIME...

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STUDENT ID # _______________________________ TIME IN _______________________ TIME OUT ________________________ American University of Beirut CVSP 201 – Dr Wrisley -- Fall 2007 Exam 3 (105 minutes maximum) PLEASE WRITE ONLY YOUR STUDENT ID ON THIS TEST SHEET AND THE BOOKLET. DO NOT WRITE YOUR NAME ON THIS SHEET OR ANY SHEET. PLEASE WRITE ABOUT THREE DIFFERENT AUTHORS ON THIS EXAM. EXAMS THAT TREAT ONLY TWO AUTHORS WILL NOT RECEIVE AS HIGH A GRADE. I. Textual Analysis. (50 points) Please pick ONE of the following passages from the reading. They are passages we did not discuss in detail in class. Make it clear which passage you are analyzing by clearly stating the LETTER (A, B, C) at the beginning of your answer. In about three pages in the exam booklet (of normal handwriting, single spaced) please do the following: Identify the author and his work . a. If you can, in a few lines tell where in the work it is found. Who is speaking? Who is being spoken about? What is the setting? b. Do not give background material about the author's life. DO NOT RETELL THE STORY. Explain thoroughly, and elaborate on three specific (3) themes found in this passage which are relevant to the author's thought as a whole. DO NOT DISCUSS GENERALITIES WHICH DO NOT APPEAR IN THE PASSAGE. a. Discuss words used, the form of the passage, its tone, images used in it, repetitions or any other features of style. b. Link SPECIFIC details together to relate to the GENERAL themes present. Please be specific in explaining and commenting upon what this very passage means to you. The more you are able to analyze the work using this passage, the higher a grade you will earn. A.
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This note was uploaded on 03/01/2010 for the course CVSP 201 taught by Professor Variousteachers during the Spring '10 term at American University of Beirut.

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Exam3-Fall2007-08-Wrisley - STUDENT ID # _ TIME IN _ TIME...

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