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Unformatted text preview: CS-201, Section 1, Final Exam, 27th January 2009, 2 hoursR. SmithA. Understanding primary texts. Explain the meaning, context and significance of the passage from any two passages. It may be useful to divide your explanations into three parts: a) immediate meaning or key ideas, b) context (where the passage fits in the story or argument), c) relation to the work as a whole; if relevant, add a fourth part d) comparison with other CS-201 works. Do not write more than 3 sides per question. Total 15% of final grade each.1. “Let us now turn back again to the good which is the object of our search, and ask what it can possibly be; because it appears to vary with the action or art [skill]. It is one thing in medicine and another in strategy, and similarly in all the other sciences. What, then, is the good of each particular one? Surely it is that for the sake of which everything else is done. In medicine this is health; in strategy, victory; in architecture, a building – different things in different arts, but in every action and pursuit it is the end, since it is for the sake of this that everything else is done. Consequently if there is any one thing that is the end of all actions, this will be the practical good – or goods, if there are more than one.” (Aristotle,...
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