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Final-Fall2003-04-Karen-Pinto-2 - ‘-~n I i I j" 4;“...

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Unformatted text preview: ‘ '-~n-- I i! I j" : ,. 4;“ Y (3F “LIEU-'1' ID NO. _-_ CV SP 201 Final Examination Sections 8 & 9 KAREN PINTO American University of Beirut 2004-01-21 ***DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON THE EXAM!!! ***ONLY YOUR ID NO. Section I A) MATCHING EXERCISE 5 min. (5 pts.) Match the names with the book in which they occur. ***PICK 5 out of 6 Memmius Pygmalion The Republic Meletus Nicomachean Ethics Glaucon Aeneid Dido On the Nature of the Universe Hesperian The Aplogy B) DEFINITIONS 25 mins. (25 points) Define the FIVE of the following 6 terms in 3-5 lines. i) Eudaimonia ii) Clinamen iii) Animus iv) Eugenics v) Pietas vi) Doctrine of the Mean Section II SHORT Essay 40 mins. (30 points) Write a short essay on ***ONE*** of the following topics. Remember this essay does not count as much as the next one. ***SO SPACE YOURSELF ACCORDJNGLY!!!*** a) Compare and Contrast ASPECTS of the Aeneid and the Odyssey. b) Compare and Contrast ASPECTS of Epicureanism and Stoicism c) Compare and Contrast ASPECTS of Plato‘s Republic and Aristotle's Ethics Section 1]] LONG Essay 50 mins. (40 points) Use the remainder of your time to write a creative and imaginative essay on ONE of the topics below. ***KEEP 1N MIND THAT TI-HS ESSAY COUNTS FOR MORE POINTS THAN ANYTHING ELSE in this exam!!! So do not short-change yourself on time to complete this essay. Constiuct an Imaginary Debate between you and your classmate/s, or friends, or enemies on ONE of the topics listed below. ***REMEBER THAT YOU HAVE TO PRESENT VALID ARGUNIENTS FOR ***BOTH***SIDES OF THE DEBATE!!! ***DO NOT JUST PRESENT an ARGUMENT for ONE side!! !! I am looking for the creation of a debate such as the many we had in class. ***BE SURE TO BOLSTER YOUR ARGUMENT S WITH REFERENCES TO THE READINGS !! ! 1) Justice 2) The Death Penalty 3) The Quest for Ultimate Happiness 4) The Philosopher Ruler Good Luck ,'-> “*NOTE THAT YOU HAVE UNTIL MIDNIGHT OF Jan. 24th, 2004 TO COMPLETE YOUR WEB-CT POSTINGS!!! ...
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