Final-summer2006-07-Hani-Hassan - SUMMER 2006-2007 SATURDAY...

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S UMMER 2006-2007 S ATURDAY , A UGUST 18, 2007 CVSP 201, SECTION 4 (Hani Hassan) F INAL WRITTEN EVALUATION 3 HOURS B ASIC CRITERIA OF EVALUATION : C LARITY OF PRESENTATION : this includes handwriting (since I am not an expert in deciphering coded messages); but more importantly, it is an issue of you clearly presenting your ideas, avoiding any vagueness and/or ambiguity. E XPLANATION AND JUSTIFICATION : never assume I know what you’re talking about; it is very essential that you back up any central statements you make in presenting the ideas of the authors in question, and more importantly in your critical evaluation of those ideas. R ELEVANCE : it is essential that you present ideas and arguments relevant to the questions asked. Going into irrelevant discussion is a waste of your valuable time; it could also cause the reader (yours truly) to lose sight of the relevant discussions you present. C
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This note was uploaded on 03/01/2010 for the course CVSP 201 taught by Professor Variousteachers during the Spring '10 term at American University of Beirut.

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Final-summer2006-07-Hani-Hassan - SUMMER 2006-2007 SATURDAY...

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