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Corrections and Comments to Assigned Problems Chapter 6 58. (b) The expression E = (3/2)nRT is the internal energy of n moles of an ideal monatomic gas, such as helium, at temperature T. Observe that this internal energy depends only on T; it is independent of molar mass. Therefore, lighter molecules must be moving faster on average than heavier molecules at the same T. This equation will be given; it need not be memorized. (This equation does not come from thermodynamics; it comes from the kinetic theory of gases, statistical thermodynamics, or experiment.) (c) The work done by the helium is –w, not w. (d) Note that q is the heat absorbed by the helium. Chapter 6 49 and 50: State symbols for the substances must be given; assume CaCl 2 (s), NaHCO 3 (s), CCl 4 ( ), HNO 3 ( ), HI(g), SiF 4 (g), O 3 (g), Ca 3 (PO 4 ) 2 (s). Chapter 7 70. The equation E k = ½ mν 2 should read E k = ½ mv 2 ; v is speed.
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