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Student ID # _________________________________ American University of Beirut CVSP 201 Ancient Near East and Classical Civilization Final Exam -- Dr Gallagher Instructions: Answer on this exam paper the questions that follow any passage(s). Answer essay questions in the booklet provided. You must ask any questions about the exam in the first five minutes. In answering a question I will not provide any information beyond what is on the exam paper . For a question, raise your hand and I will come to you. You will then whisper your question. Leading questions will not be answered. Questions asking for an answer will not be answered, and, if made audible to others, will be considered cheating. Note that all passages are presented as if they were prose. Please keep your essay concise and focused on the question . I look forward to reading arguments. If you find while writing your essay that it is losing its focus and wandering into irrelevancies or encyclopedia article writing, I advise you to stop, and go on to another question. You can always
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This note was uploaded on 03/01/2010 for the course CVSP 201 taught by Professor Variousteachers during the Spring '10 term at American University of Beirut.

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Final-Fall2007-08-Gallagher - Student ID # _ American...

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