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Final-Fall2004-05-Stephen-Sheehi - Lil RA K‘ Final Exam m...

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Unformatted text preview: Lil; RA K‘. Final Exam m- mu 1 I QS 201 ' “WW Prof. Stephen Sheehi Fall, 2004 -05 Fill in the blank. 1. Provide two examples of “furor” in The Aeneid and explain why they are impediments to the fulfillment of Aeneas’ fate. (12 pts) a. 2. a. ) Define simply Aristotle’s concept of the “supreme good”. (12 pts) 2.13.) How does this concept different from Plato’s concept of the absolute good? 3. What is the consequence, Lucretius says, if you “understand the outward form and inner workings of nature”? (6 pts) 4. What are two characteristics of the “atom” for Lucretius? (4 pts) “ “Hum—n..- .m...i lawman“ t‘\ n‘. ntia' ! 1.1 l: m r: v 1” Mimi “W; .1 5.a Name and define the chief virtue of Aeneas. (12 pts) h _*—__—h—__—___—__—__——-w———""M—-'—“H"—‘—HW 5.b. Provide two examples of this virtue. At least one must be from the final chapter (Book XII). i. ii. _____F_______,__e___.——«-—— 5.c. Name the chief virtue of Odysseus. How does his chief virtue differ from Aeneas’? M ___”___d___,_______.__..__—..—————— 6. What is “happiness” for Aristotle? (4 pts) ._..______________,__.____.,__.—————— __”______H_____,______.——-————-—-——— 7. Why should you not fear death according to Lucretius? (4 pts) _.__._______________________.___...———-——-—-— ____'__________________.___w—-——-———-——-——— 8. What is Aeneas’s son’s name? (2 pts) ____________________._.._.———-———-— 9. What does Dido tell her sister to do before she kills herself? (4 pts) M r. man.” .‘,..... fl.— ....—..,-. Alll‘J-m A‘. I will “.3, -r l L l H ii .A‘. 3-1 “x g m: mum"; «— Whumqw- “ ...
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