Final-Fall2004-05-Muna-Amyuni - CVSP 201 Final Exam January...

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Unformatted text preview: CVSP 201 Final Exam January 2005 Prof. M. Amyuni Your exam is in two parts: Part I: 1. 2. 3. Choose Q out ofthe following quotations: Analyze the main elements in each quotation. Link these elements to the basic vision of each text, the basic ms, the basic meaning or theme of each text. Do so in one paragraph only (5-8 lines) (50%). In The Republic, Socrates says: Justice is a principle of this kind; its real concern is not with external actions, but with a man's inward self, his true concern and interest. The just man will not allow the 3 elemelifi which make up his inward self to trespass on each other‘s functions or interfere with each other, bu and so because of one instead of many, kind...Injustice must be some kind of In the Funeral Oration Pericles says _: We do not say that a man who takes no interest in politics is a man vs ho minds his own business; we say that he has no business here at all. We Athenians, in our own persons, take our decisions on policy or submit them to proper discussions: for we do not think that there is an incompatibility between words and deeds... Ideclare that our city is an education to Greece... Oedipus, says: 0 God — all come true, all burst to light! 0 light -— now let me look my last on you! I stand revealed at last- cursed in my birth, cursed in marriage, inurtnnax ‘3‘" ’ '- V‘ . L l I; R .\ if \ i Up mum I . -W' Part II: II. r...“ _.-».‘.-.~...-...-—-—-.. -- iAMEF.i{:\\ r“, i M” .1 L I H .-\ Y mt IH'mI-r, in... cursed in the lives I cut down with these hands! In Book I of the Odyssey Zeus tells Athene: Oh for shame, how the mortals put the blame upon us gods, for they say evils come from us, but it is they, rather, who by their own recklessness win sorrow beyond what is given Gilgamesh dreamed and Enkidu said: "The meaning of the dream is this. The father of the gods has given you kinship, such is your destiny. Because of this do not be sad at heart, do not be grieved or oppressed. He has given you power to bind and to lose, to be the darkness and the light of mankind. He has given you unexampled supremacy over the people, victory in battle from which no fugitive returns... But do not abuse this power, deal justly with your servant in the palace, deal justly before shamash. Aristotle writes: Yet it is not easy to define by rule for how long, and how much, a man may go wrong before he incurs blame; no easier than it is to define any other object of perception. Such questions of degree occur in particular cases, and the decision lies with our perception. Lucretius writes: To stand aloof in a quiet citadel, stoutly (strongly) fortified by the teaching of the wise, and to gaze down from this elevation on others wandering aimlessly in a vain search for the way oflife... Short essay: Write an essay of 1 to 2 pages on the Greek concept of the Polis. ...
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Final-Fall2004-05-Muna-Amyuni - CVSP 201 Final Exam January...

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