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Final-Fall2003-04 - CIVILIZATION SEQUENCE 1 Final Exam Sec...

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Unformatted text preview: CIVILIZATION SEQUENCE 1 Final Exam (January 21, 2004) Sec. 10 2 hours . Read the questions carefully. - Think about the answers & write down your ideas on a separate sheet of paper before you start writing down your answers. . Write a well-organized essay. . Please, try to write in a neat 8: readable handwriting. . Answer m questions. 1. 'When the gods created man they allotted to him death, but life they retained in their own keeping ( The Eplb‘ ofGHgames/v, 102) 21. Discuss this quotation; b. How can you relate it with the final scene of Oedipus? c. How does Lucretius explain the concept of death? is it something fearful? 2. “For this reason anyone who is aiming at the MEAN should keep away from that extreme which is more contrary to the mean... For one of the extremes is always more erroneous than the other...” (Aristotle, emits. p. 109) 3. Explain the above quotation, & give examples; b. How would Lucretius react to this View? c. What are Pericles’ opinions regarding the P0123 and the role of the individual in it? 3. The theme of the journey: Which one of the following “journeys” did you find to be most worthwhile (in terms of your understanding of human life = Womanl‘man' & herl‘his' problems?); analyze with regard to their causes & objectives. Give reasons for your choice: a. Gilgamesh‘s journeys (specify which one); b. What is the basic confrontation between Oedipus & Tiresias in Campus the King. 0. Aeneas’ stay with Dido; how did their stay effect his journey? ...
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