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CVSP-251_Final_Fall_2008-9_Maktabi - 2 Are Islamic art...

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CVSP 251: Islamic Art & Culture Dr. Hadi Maktabi Fall 2008-9 Final Please answer the following question in essay form, using clear and well- built arguments.   Give examples wherever necessary to support your  reasoning.   You may consult your textbook but will be  penalized   for  plagiarism and direct copying of phrases or sequences of thought.   Do  not  rely on general assumptions; provide sound proof for your opinion. 1) What are the motivations or reasons that drove Islamic  rulers to patronize and commission royal works of art?
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Unformatted text preview: 2) Are Islamic art works made on behalf of royalty always, sometimes, or never religious in nature? Why? How? 3) Consult your textbook and pick an object that was commissioned by a royal patron, and discuss how it illustrates your answers to questions (1) & (2) above. Nb: cite the page number and reference. 4) What is the most fascinating Islamic Art object you encountered in this course? Why do you choose it? – Good Luck –...
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