Writing a Critical Response

Writing a Critical Response - Critical Response Guidelines...

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Critical Response Guidelines Reading Strategy : Exploratory Writing After annotating, exploratory writing is a powerful way of developing your ideas about a text. This type of writing allows you to clarify and extend your ideas, discovering new insights and asking new questions. It offers a chance to respond personally, to ask questions, wonder, predict, or reflect on the characters, events, literary elements, or language of a text. A two-step process is recommended: annotating as you read followed by exploratory writing in your reading/writing journal that develops meanings for a text. Critical Reading The Process of Reading Actively and Analytically When you read critically, you need to read selections a second and even third time to look beyond the immediately observable features (such as topic and length) and gain a deeper understanding of subordinate (or supporting) but related ideas and the underlying organization of the piece. The process of critical reading has three parts: gaining an overview of the text, reading, and then rereading and actively analyzing it. Critical reading requires you to enter into a “conversation” with the author—that is, a dialogue between you and the text. As in a real conversation, you are free to pose questions, ask for clarification of a point, or start your own line of reasoning in response to what you have read. You can agree or disagree, defend your point of view, and even argue as long as you interact with the text. Critical reading also requires you to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the author’s presentation and to distinguish facts from
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Writing a Critical Response - Critical Response Guidelines...

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