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ME/CEE 1770 COURSE OUTLINE Engineering Graphics and Visualization Dr. Raghu Pucha G.W.Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering Office: MARC 451 Phone: 404-894-7409 E-mail: [email protected] Walk-in Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 11.05 – 11:55 AM Concepts/Processes Ideas, designs, and manufacturing/construction procedures and techniques are communicated by words, numbers, and visual images. Freehand sketches and CAD are used to model three dimensional objects. Engineering tasks are performed by teams. A design notebook is one of the most important working documents an engineer produces. Objectives: After completing this course, students should be able to: visualize objects and ideas; use and understand engineering drawing terminology; interpret technical drawings, charts, and graphs; generate and interpret schematics; establish and explain methods used for decision making; communicate ideas in a visual medium; write descriptions and explanations of their designs and models; sketch pictorials and various 2D views of objects;
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1770_outline_Spring - ME/CEE 1770 COURSE OUTLINE...

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