ABCs_strings - function[first_word MATLAB green_checks...

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function [first_word MATLAB green_checks save_answer free_to_leave A B C D E F G H I J K L M N] = ABCs_strings(str1, str2, vec1, alph1, ch1, double1, str3, str4) I % Please download and review CS1371_Spring2010_ETestTutorial.pdf from the % Resources tab (it's in the "Test Resources" folder) % % Just to be sure we're on the same page here, what is the first word on % the second page? Your answer should be a string, and it is case % sensitive. first_word = f % For the following questions, you should answer either 'Yes' or 'No'. % % The test will use MATLAB, which you should have on your computer. MATLAB = M % The green checks on the practice test will not appear on the real test. green_checks = g % My answers will not be saved until I explicitly save them by clicking % "Save Answer." save_answer = s % When I am done and I have shut down my computer, I am free to leave. free_to_leave = f % Now we will go over string operations and functions. %
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This note was uploaded on 02/26/2010 for the course CS 1371 taught by Professor Stallworth during the Spring '08 term at Georgia Tech.

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ABCs_strings - function[first_word MATLAB green_checks...

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