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HW Guide SP10 - CS 1371 Homework Guide Table of Contents I...

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Unformatted text preview: CS 1371 Homework Guide Table of Contents I. Introduction II. Completing the Assignment III. Submitting the Assignment IV. Commenting V. Two Submission Policy VI. Collaboration Policy VII. Grades VIII. Grade Appeals IX. General Questions X. Appendix a. How to Download Assignments from T-Square b. How to Submit Assignments to T-Square c. How to Test Code Introduction For many of you, CS 1371 will be your first encounter with programming, and specifically, homework assignments involving programming. Even for those of you who have programmed before, this class can be an entirely new experience. So, to make life a little easier for all of us, we have created this CS1371 Homework Guide to cover the variety of details involved with homework assignments. Completing the Assignment If you have not already, we recommend the creation of a CS 1371 directory folder on your computer to hold each individual homework assignment. • Create a folder for the assignment in your CS 1371 directory. • Download the assignments files from T-Square to the assignment folder. • Open the hw<HW #>.m file and fill out the information section at the top of the file. • Follow the directions outlined in the hw<HW #>.m file. For each problem, make sure to follow the directions carefully, especially in cases such as variable names, file names, and function headers. • Test your code. While testing seems like a small task, it can spell the difference between a zero and a hundred on an assignment. When you test your code, make sure you receive no errors and the output of your code is correct. • Make sure your code does not display anything to the command window unless otherwise instructed. Essentially, make sure any lines of code are followed by a semi-colon so no output is displayed to the command window. • Once you have completed the entire assignment, always do one final check over to make sure everything is working properly. Submitting the Assignment For this class, all homework assignments will be submitted on T-Square. It is extremely important to properly submit each assignment. Failure to do so may result in a significant loss of points. • Each assignment comes with a basic hw<HW #>.m file, such as hw01.m to hw11.m. In those files, there will be a section called Files to Submit near the top of the assignment . Compare the name of each file you are submitting to the names in the Files to Submit section and make sure that they correctly match up. Note: Case and spelling do matter. • Submit the assignment on T-square. Note: Do not archive your files into some format such as .zip, .rar, or .tar.gz. • Check to see if you received a confirmation e-mail. If you have not received a confirmation e-mail, then you may not have submitted the assignment properly and you should resubmit your files....
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HW Guide SP10 - CS 1371 Homework Guide Table of Contents I...

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